Pedido de Orçamento

You can ask us for a quote of any art project you are developing, even if it is still in the conceptual stage.

We can from a simple sketch, even in a paper napkin, giving an estimated price of casting, construction or even technically guide you thought the design so that in the end your work will be technically and economically feasible.

To ask us a final budget or an estimated of values, you can send us an email to with a photo or sketch indicating the dimensions, materials to use, and a short descriptive of what is intended.

We will always be ready, if necessary, discuss your project in video conferencing through Skype.

If we can’t address your studio to collect the original, we send a specialized transport company.

We have resistant wooden boxes so that your original does not suffer damage during transportation to our foundry.

It is this method that we executed several sculptures for artists across Europe.



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